Hullo there! My name is Rei (隷) and but as you have guessed, it is not my real name. I am a young Singaporean writer but I have no published books to speak of – only a passion for writing and a lot of high fantasy concepts.

And that is the point of this blog. In these journals, I wish to share with you my journey from a nobody into a somebody someday. There are many of such stories out there, stories of people with a dream to succeed as a writer, people with a passion that far exceeds my own, and people who go through the dark trenches of life and emerge into the light.

But most of these stories are written in the aftermath, after the uncertainty has fallen away, after the battles have been won and the gleaming covers of their published books sit on the shelf of the biggest bookstore in the land.

I want to write my story now, where the panic is raw, the doubt is painful and the ending uncertain. I want to write my story now, when I’m still deciding if I have what it takes to ever publish a book, when I’m turning 19 but a 13 year-old writes better than me, when I’m dreaming and making excuses for my inaction. This is how most people begin, do they not?

So grab a cushion and pull your laptop closer, let me tell you my story…