Oh the thought of it is beautiful! Like a training montage sequence from a movie. Awake at the break of dawn, on the train with your nose in a book, and when the world is quiet and dark again, you bend over the desk and scribble furiously on a piece of paper.

But the actuality… You snooze your alarm for the fifth time ever, you lean back in your seat on the train and sleep, and when it is night again, you bend over your desk to do all the work you’ve left to the last minute to do! Writing? No one has time to do that.

Writing practice is important. That piece of advice has been drilled into the earholes of every aspiring writer by established ones. Yet somehow I spend my time doing everything other than writing. I feel like a hypocrite sometimes, going around telling people I’m a writer, but find myself unable to show proof of it.

Every writer has their own unique writing routine, so we should not feel that if we don’t follow a prescribed schedule with compulsory writing times, that we are not qualified to be a writer. But if you do not know what sort of routine suits you, here is some tips I will try to apply to create a routine for myself:


  1. Set a writing goal – 1000 words, 5 pages, whatever suits you
  2. Find solitude – find a quiet time of the day and a quiet space, then make it part of your daily routine
  3. Use a writing notebook – dedicate the book to be used only for your practice time
  4. Create a writing playlist – include all the music that would inspire you
  5. Make time – if you want it bad, you will make time for it and get rid of other less important activities



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