What do people usually write as their first journal entry? An introduction? I have written so many journals (and blogs) in the past that I usually skip past this part, but I have been assured by numerous sources that the first entry is important and I should make it count.

Let me set the stage for you.I am Rei (隷), a lazy, almost 19 student, more fickle-minded than a Snapchat slideshow. I write this post to the nightcore version of ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore‘ on repeat, crouched over my laptop, spinning distractedly on my pink and black swivel chair as I agonise over the words I should be using to write this post.

I should be doing my homework rather than writing this, but starting a new blog is far more interesting than doing screen research (which consists of watching numerous quantities of entertainment shows and writing brief summaries of each one) or doing research about a documentary-making trip to Bandung, Indonesia (which is surprisingly difficult since our teacher is choosing the most secluded part of Bandung to deposit us for five days). Yes, it is nothing in comparison to your Math homework but I am a Year 3 student of the Diploma in Creative Writing for Television and New Media and my pessimistic tendencies require me to tell you that all homework is unappealing so long as it is labeled HOMEWORK with a capital H.

My favourite thing to do when I come up with characters for a story is to profile them. Since I am the character of this story, I shall profile me.

Name: 隷 (Yes, Rei is a pen name. No, I will not tell you my real name.)

Gender: Female (Duh.)

Age: Nineteen (On 30 May 2017.)

Appearance: She has an oval face and angular jaw framed with jet black shoulder-length hair and dark brown eyes hidden behind a pair of thick black glasses. Her skin is dotted with pimples (especially when deadlines approach). 2cm short of 160cm, Rei is unathletic but her friends say she is skinny.

Personality: Snarky or gloomy with not much in between, Rei is relatively uncurious for someone who wants to be a writer, lazy for someone with big dreams and genuinely dislikes most people. Brutally honest yet sensitive, practical yet idealistic, she is the human incarnation of the INTJ stereotype. (Yes, I am the first one out in most games of murderer/mafia.)

Background: When she is not dreaming about having written a novel or planning to do her homework ‘later’, she teaches a leads a small flock of 14 year old sheep in church and teaches them about the Bible on Sundays. Otherwise, she is lamenting about the state of the universe, taking naps or when inspiration strikes, drawing.

What do you think? If I was a character in a storybook, would you read it? Anything I write in these journals will be the undiluted truth, written so that when time has turned everything to a fragment in my mind, I can look back and remember what kind of person I used to be and the sewer I stepped out of.



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